Successful Night #1 of Nationals!
Tonight is the BIG night!
2021 Nationals T-Shirts!
Successful Night #1 of Nationals!

Successful Night #1 of Nationals!

8/10/2021 -
Night #1 was a success! Don’t miss the grand finale of our two-night Nationals event tonight! Click here for the gallery of pictures from the first night of Nationals:
Tonight is the BIG night!

Tonight is the BIG night!

8/9/2021 -
Tonight is the night! Night #1 of the 2021 Outlaw Dirt Kart Nationals! Reminders: • Gates open at 3:00 and races start at 7:00 • All drivers MUST stop at the scale with their transponder. • Minors must have a signed minor release form. • This is a family track so please keep the language clean and act appropriately. • We only accept cash or check a
2021 Nationals T-Shirts!

2021 Nationals T-Shirts!

8/9/2021 -
T-shirts for the 2021 Outlaw Dirt Kart Nationals are here! They will be available for purchase during Nationals at the front gate. Supplies are limited so hurry and get one before they're gone!


2021 Nationals Format

UPDATED 2021 ECS Procedures

2021 Hoosier Tire Rules

Hoosier tires only on all four corners. This Included 2021 Outlaw Dirt Kart Nationals Absolutely no tire dope allowed at ENGLISH CREEK SPEEDWAY tires may be impounded for testing at any time.

Rules for 2021 Nationals

2021 ECS Race Procedures

2021 ECS Rules and Regulations

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